Mr Keith S EyresI qualified from Charing Cross Medical School London in 1983 and developed an interest in Orthopaedic Surgery during my basic surgical training in London and Exeter.

My orthopaedic training programme took me around Yorkshire, predominantly in Sheffield where I practiced for 7 years. During this period of clinical work, I completed an MD thesis about bone densitometry during leg lengthening and bone healing. This interest helped me develop one of my skills as a limb reconstruction surgeon and provided the opportunity to publish over 70 original articles.

My interest in joint replacement surgery was enhanced by a year long sabbatical to Auckland, New Zealand and learning how to work in another health system was very interesting and enlightening. Although having a practice in general orthopaedics I focused on the knee and hip as areas to develop my expertise. I found the rapid improvement in patients with joint reconstruction to be particularly rewarding.

I introduced the concept of knee surgery without tourniquet to the surgical world in a way to enhance patient recovery and reduce potential complications which has now developed into a surgical technique for knee replacement. In this concept, a new way of cementation has already shown to be beneficial so surgery can be performed safely and hopefully with longer lasting results.

With this package of care and experience of preoperative and postoperative management, patients are gaining great benefits for their episode in hospital. Exciting effects are being found using newer painkilling medication aimed at reducing long term nerve pain.

I have been a consultant in Exeter for more than 20 years and work in the Knee Reconstruction Unit with experienced colleagues and lecture regularly on knee courses to demonstrate these effects to fellow consultants and junior doctors alike. Videos have been made of operations which can be shown to explain the complexities that can be corrected with the experience available. I also manage the care of patients with ununited or malunited fractures using external fixators. These techniques enable limb deformities to be corrected which may have otherwise lead to amputations. With my general experience I can also provide care for hip primary and revision surgery, complex foot and ankle problems and elbow and wrist injuries.

My research interests lie mainly in the knee field but any interesting innovative aspect of surgery has been a source of publication. At the moment I am developing methods to reduce ischaemic heel pressure sores and describe the techniques used for knee revision surgery in my unit.


Additional Information

I consult at the Princess Elizabeth Orthopaedic Centre on Thursday afternoons and operate on Monday and Wednesdays. I also offer a day case surgery in Tiverton and Sidmouth to offer quick care of soft tissue knee injuries in the community.


Social Interests

I play squash at Newton Abbot Tennis Club and trombone in The Loose Cannons Band. I was also very proud to have a Clematis named after me called 'Eyres Gift' which has large, purple-blue flowers, cream stamens and beige anthers.


My secretary (Cherry) can be contacted on 01392-403529 information and appointments